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Recordings, Books & Videos By
Mickie & Elizabeth and Corwin Zekley

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Included here are short MP3 sound samples for you to enjoy.

Fiona's Folly

Mickie & Elizabeth. Mickie Zekley and Elizabeth Zekley's (Clark) first album together. Instrumental Irish & Scottish Music with dark undertones on Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Harp, Wooden Flutes, Cittern, Bagpipes, Double Flageolette, Concertina, Tenor Banjo and more.
Copyright Lark Music © 1992. All rights reserved.

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1. Castle Kelly/Mad Mall Irish, Northumbrian3:30  MP3 Format
2. Marina/Fiona's Folly Mickie Zekley, Elizabeth Clark (4:10)  MP3 Format
3. Joseff McKrimmon's Fancy/Smoke In The Wind Clark, Zekley (3:08)  MP3 Format
4. Kitty Gone A Milking/Music In The Glen Irish (2:10)  MP3 Format
5. My Love Is A Band Boy/Sportin' Paddy Irish (3:20)  MP3 Format
6. The Longford Collector/The Ash Plant Irish (2:15)  MP3 Format
7. As I Roved Out Irish (1:15)  MP3 Format
8. Lover's Doubts/The Shepherdess Elizabeth Clark, J. Scott Skinner (2:15)  MP3 Format
9. Queen of the Rushes/Banks of Loughgowna/The Cock and Hen Irish (4:00)  MP3 Format
10. The Orange Rogue Irish (4:20)  MP3 Format
11. The Braes of Mar/Da Forfeit O' Da Ship Scottish, Shetland (2:47)  MP3 Format
12. The Doleful King Of The Ghosts Welsh (2:38)  MP3 Format
13. The Selkie/Lark In The Morning/The Rookery Hebridean, Irish (4:44)  MP3 Format

The Twisted Oak

Elizabeth Zekley (Clark's) Exciting hammered dulcimer music from Ireland, Scotland and the Shetland Isles.

With Elizabeth Clark: hammered dulcimer, flute, whistle, Mark Menzi: cittern, Paul Chaffee: fiddle, Avis Minger: fiddle, Peter Kasin: fiddle, Keith Livingstone: piano accordion, Jackson Gilder: concertina, flute & Deirdre McCarthy: bodhran

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Included here are short MP3 sound samples for you to enjoy.
You are encouraged to purchase our recordings. Copyright Lark Music © 1991. All rights reserved.

1. Jack Broke Da Prison Door/ Barrowburn/ Sleep Soond I'da Mornin' Shetland (3:25)  MP3 Format
2. Kitty's Wedding/ The Grim Deed Irish, Elizabeth Clark (4:48)  MP3 Format
3. The Choice Wife/ The Joy of My Life Irish (3:27)  MP3 Format
4. Robert's Garden Elizabeth Clark (2:28)  MP3 Format
5. Spootiskerry/ Lay Dee at Dee/ Dinkey's Shetland, Shetland, Donegal (4:08)  MP3 Format
6. The Humours of Whiskey/ Lt. Maguire's Jig/ Paul Montagues/ The Ale Is Dear Donegal, Scottish, Irish, Scottish (4:25)  MP3 Format
7. Gallegher's Frolics/ Coleman's Cross/ The Frost Is All Over Irish (4:11)  MP3 Format
8. The Twisted Oak Clark/Gilder (5:00)  MP3 Format
9. Jig of Slurs/ The Langstern Pony Scottish, Irish (4:02)  MP3 Format
10. Miss Drummond of Perth/ Da New Rigged Ship Scottish, Shetland (2:18)  MP3 Format
11. Planxty Mrs. O'Connor/ Planxty Browne/Cup O' Whiskey Tea Irish, Elizabeth Clark (4:35)  MP3 Format
12. Four Mile Stone/ Farewell To Erin Donegal, Irish (5:05)  MP3 Format


Mickie Zekley and Michael Hubbert on harp, flute, cittern, hurdy gurdy, whistle, vocals, fiddle, special guest Arrigo D'Albert on hurdy gurdy. Fun!

Recorded originally as a LP for Kicking Mule Records in 1982. Copyright Mickie Zekley & Michael Hubbert ©1982. All rights reserved.

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For more information on the Mooncoin Album click here.

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Included here are short MP3 sound samples for you to enjoy.

1. The Barley Straw/The Rambling Pitchfork Vocal, Cittern, Mandolins and Flute (4:16)  MP3 Format
2. Eddie Kelly's/Mothers Delight Irish Reels - Mandolin, Harpguitar (3:29)  MP3 Format
3. Nancy From London Vocal, Hurdy Gurdy And Flute (3:09)  MP3 Format
4. Bimid ag Ol/Patsy Gery's Jigs Irish - Flute, Cittern, Fiddle, Bodhran (2:12)  MP3 Format
5. Tá Mé 'Mo Shuí Irish - Tinwhistles, Irish Harp, Vocal/ Uilleann Pipe Drone (5:51)  MP3 Format
6. Carty's Reels Irish - Flute/ Guitar (2:04)  MP3 Format
7. The Night Visitor Irish - Vocal, Harpguitar, Mandolins (5:15)  MP3 Format
8. The Limerick Lasses/Fermoy Lasses/The Cabin Hunter Irish Reels - Mandolin, Flute, Fiddle, Bodhran (3:42)  MP3 Format
9. The Claudy Banks/Eleanor Plunkett Irish - Vocal, Flute, Cittern, Irish Harp, Tinwhistle (5:58)  MP3 Format
10. Breton Tune/La Mair E La Hilha Breton, French - Highland Bagpipe, Fiddle, Hurdy Gurdy, Bodhran, Tenor Drum (2:25)  MP3 Format

Danny Barca "A Certain Light"

Mickie & Elizabeth performed on the "Carpenter Song"
You can order Danny's CD and find out more about Danny at his website.
The Carpenter Song (4:20) MP3 Format

Mickie & Elizabeth Tune Book

List Of Tunes
The Almanac
The Angry Sea
The Bluebird
The Cardinal
The Circus Jig
Coming Home
Fiona's Folly
The Grim Deed
Henry Gowan
Joseff McKrimmon's Fancy
The Juggler
Lover's Doubt
Mount Hood
The Quandry
The Recovery
Smoke In The Wind
The Timolinda Waltz
The Trickster
The Twisted Oak
A Waltz For Corwin
The Wedding Vow

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Videos By Mickie & Elizabeth

Hammered Dulcimer:
Advanced Techniques And Celtic Styling Video

Elizabeth Clark shows you the elements of Celtic styling on the hammered dulcimer. Included are hammer techniques, rolls, triplets, grace notes, chord notes and arranging for the dulcimer
DVD Video DVD166 $29.95

How To Play The Flute
In The Traditional Irish Style Video

Mickie Zekley Instruction on how to hold the flute, embouchure and breathing technique (the secret of Irish flute tone). Mickie de-mystifies ornamentation including taps, cuts, rolls, multiple rolls, slides, triplets, finger vibrato, and diaphragm pulsing. Also included are examples of tunes in different rhythms including the jig, slip jig, reel, hornpipe, polka and air

Mickie & Elizabeth are available for:

Concerts, Workshops, Master Classes, Weddings, Performances for Primary and Secondary Education, Recording & Television, Weddings and all types of Private Events, Music for Historic Events, Reenactments in Costume. For bookings and information contact:
Mickie & Elizabeth
PO Box 1176, Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 964-5569
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Mickie & Elizabeth website.

Corwin Zekley & Fiona Scott perform songs & tunes with rich harmonies Irish music to rock & roll, swing songs to Scottish fiddle tunes. Hot fiddle & sweet guitar.

Corwin & Fiona Local Licks XVII concert 30 minute video on Vimeo of the complete concert.

CORWIN & FIONA recording "Lullaby Of The Leaves"
You can order the Lullaby Of The Leaves CD:

You can order Corwin & Fiona's new CD Lullaby Of The Leaves MP3 downloads through ITunes, CDBaby and Amazon

"These guys are doing such cool stuff... what a great start! And there were one or two laugh-out-loud moments... Whatever Lola Wants??? Just the idea was funny. It's nice to be reminded that the next generation of musicians is already among us.... ready to take it all forward their way. Very cool and may this be just the start of a lifelong passion for them both." Danny Carnahan

Listen to short sound samples here.

Lullaby Of The Leaves   MP3 Format
Bye Bye Blackbird   MP3 Format
What Ever Lola Wants   MP3 Format
Seven Is The Number   MP3 Format
Summertime   MP3 Format
I've Just Seen A Face   MP3 Format
Comes Love   MP3 Format
Crossroads   MP3 Format
Black Boys On Mopeds   MP3 Format
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You   MP3 Format
I Go Like The Raven   MP3 Format
Eleanor Rigby   MP3 Format
Star Of The County Down   MP3 Format
Why Don't You Do Right   MP3 Format

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